High Drive Parkway

The breathtaking views ago High Drive are the highlight of Spokane's system of scenic roadways.

The system was laid out a century ago and is described in the Park Board Report of 1913, "High Drive Parkway is a picturesque driveway lying on the high bluff in the southwest portion of the city overlooking the Latah creek valley, with its extension around the bluff." Today the scenic drive stretches from South Cedar Street to South Grand Boulevard.

Famous park architects, the Olmsted Brothers, recommended several parkways for Spokane including improvements for the Manito Boulevard Extension, Upriver Parkway (Drive), and recommended securing land along the Spokane River which is park of the Aubrey L. White Parkway today. In their report to the Spokane park board in 1913 they stated, "To make the large parks and such of the smaller parks as to have notable landscape advantages, accessible, and to connect one with another by roads specifically fitted for pleasure driving and walking, parkways and boulevards are necessary." They also recommended taking care of these boulevards and parkways to increase property value and the beauty of the city.

Along the parkway are pull outs for drivers, benches for those who want to take in the view, and trails for hikers and cyclists.


High Drive Parkway Plans

High Drive Parkway Plans

Image from the Report of the Board of Park Commissioners, 1913. View File Details Page

Where High Drive begins

Where High Drive begins

Photo by Tracy L. Rebstock View File Details Page

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