Pine Creek Dairy Creamery

The Pine Creek Dairy Creamery building was built in 1908. It was an extension of the Pine Creek Dairy that operated in the Spokane Valley. The building was used for office space and a distribution center as well as the manufacture of cream, butter and cheese.

The Pine Creek Dairy quickly became the region's largest dairy producer. The dairy had 120 cows and bought milk from other area diaries. In 1929 the Carnation Dairy Company from Kent Washington bought out the Pine Creek Dairy and the Broadveiw Dairy another local dairy company and merged the two under the name of the latter. They moved operations into the Braodveiw Creamery building and the Pine Creek Dairy Creamery was vacant between 1931 and 1935 during the worst of the Great Depression.

By 1936 the business climate of Spokane was on the rise and two business had occupied the creamery building, the McHugo Transfer Company and Davenport Candycrafts Company. The Next year Davenport Candycrafts Company bought the bought the building and began to use all of it. 1960 Gustav and Jeanette Harras bought the property and converted the second floor into living space and used the first floor as a distribution center for their two companies Northwest Bakery & Fountain Supplies Inc. and Peerless-Sunpujt Inc. restaurant equipment. In 1966 the building was bought by Scotty Holmes Studio of Interior Design. Over the next ten years a series of owners came and went.

In 1991 Spokane Lincoln-Mercury Sales bought the building, however they did not use or lease it and in 1995 they sold it to Jeanne and Brian Farwell who sold it the next year to David and Mary Thompson the owners of Affordable Interior Solutions & Floor Coverings. In 2003 the building was bought by, Nancy Lee Raily and Kimberlee K. Melcher. Melcher operated Kimberlee Company, a Boutique design center that specializes in interior and kitchen design, and occupies the first floor with office space and showrooms. Railey operated Railey Allstate Insurance on the second floor. The building is currently being used by Urbanna Natural Spa, Salon and Wine.

The Pine Creek Creamery is an import symbol for Spokane for several reasons. It shows the industrial development and settlement of East Downtown Spokane. The Creamery is also a symbol of the importance of agriculture to Spokane and the transition to industrialization of agriculture. Spokane became a hub for the Inland Empire's agriculture and the Pine Creek dairy was an important part of this.