Bronze Statue of Bing Crosby

Deborah Copenhaver sculpted this bronze statue of Bing Crosby which was dedicated on Bing's birthday, May 3, 1981. Crosby had died in 1977. Kathryn Crosby, his widow, was in attendance. Bob Hope participated by phone, and was telecast over a loud speaker. The statue sits just outside the Crosby Student Center, on the Gonzaga University Campus.

The somewhat playful statue shows Bing in his familiar hat, with a golf bag and clubs at his feet, and a pipe, as he was so often remembered. The pipe is now used only for special events, because pranksters like to steal it. Now the pipe can be unscrewed for safe-keeping and re-attached when needed.

Bing always remembered Spokane as his hometown, and he had deep ties with his alma mater Gonzaga University. During his life, and after his death, Crosby had donated over a million dollars to Gonzaga and Gonzaga High School. Bing had a deep appreciation for the education he received, and the faculty he had the opportunity to meet at Gonzaga.



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