The Timely Tale of Dodson's Jewelers

How George Dodson set the standard for a Spokane retail experience.

George Roley Dodson established what would become one of the oldest retail stores in Washington state.

The pioneers of early Spokane did not live on bread alone. The rough frontier boomtown of the 1880s hosted luxury businesses as well, including Dodson's Jewelers.

George Dodson arrived in Spokan Falls in 1888 after his long journey from Illinois. He and partner Daniel Wetzel opened Wetzel and Dodson Jewelers. Their thriving business burnt to the ground in the Great Fire of 1889, but they quickly reopened.

Dodson Jewelers was the choice jewelry store of prominent Spokane figures such as Kirtland Cutter and Mrs. A.B. Campbell. But Dodson wanted to make his store the choice for everyone, making the store motto a "Store for Everybody".

The business continued to be a Spokane institution, passing ownership from family member to family member. After World War II Dodson's occupied a 3000 sq. ft. store with 60 employees in four locations. The family business went hand in hand with the growth of the city itself, becoming the longest-running business in Spokane.

Sadly after 131 successful years in the heart of Spokane, Dodson's closed its doors in 2019.



516 W. Riverside Ave, Spokane, WA 99201