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11 Locations ~ Curated by Allie Honican

Fort Spokane

20 Locations ~ Curated by The Lake Roosevelt Partnership

Expo 74 and Riverfront Park

16 Locations ~ Curated by Cory Carpenter, Clayton Hanson, Tracy L. Rebstock, Lacey Sipos, Lee Nilsson, and Jesse Roberts.

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Known as “a hustler, a mover and a pusher” but also a man of “great personal charm”, Joseph Clarence (J.C.) White was a man of many hats. Born just south of Omaha, in the city of Wyoming, Nebraska in 1865, JC’s family moved to Colorado when he was…

The beautiful plot of land known to the Coeur d’Alene people as Hnya ‘(pqi’nn (pronounced “hin-yap-keehn-un”) is where Lake Coeur d’Alene and the Spokane River meet. It has been used as a gathering place for centuries. Long before the current…

Lake Coeur d’Alene was a hotbed of steamboat activity in the late 1880s. At one time, the steamboat trade on Lake Coeur d’Alene was the greatest of any lake west of the Great Lakes. Lead and silver ore transportation made up the bulk of the…

Lookout Pass was part of the first big boom of National Ski areas in the US in the early 20th Century. The ski area was said to have been first used by a group of Scandinavians local to the Idaho/Montana border area, who use Northern Pacific Freight…

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