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Ghost Signs of Spokane

17 Locations ~ Curated by Frank Oesterheld, Anna Harbine, Caitlin Shain, and Erin Pulley

Spokane Reacts

13 Locations ~ Curated by The Students of EWU in Collaboration with the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Recent Stories

For over one hundred years now, the Spokane Mountaineers club has had a sizable impact on recreational sports and environmental stewardship in Eastern Washington and beyond. Founded on September 19th, 1915, by well-known public librarian Ora…

Before Wandermere Golf Course was even in existence, the lake on the property was known for its winter pastime of ice skating. As far back as the late 1800s when Francis H. Cook owned the property and continuing through the ownership of Benjamin…

In 1858, tensions between the white settlers and the native population grew in the Palouse. In May of 1858, Col. Edward Steptoe led an expedition meant to end at Fort Colvile. His plan was to suppress Indian resistance. Steptoe and his men were ill…

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