Chief Garry Park

Chief Garry Park is the principal place in the city where Chief Spokan Garry is remembered and honored. The park dates back to 1912 when seven acres of land were purchased and set aside as a neighborhood park. It was named Chief Garry park in 1932 with an official dedication ceremony given by the Fall Festival Committee of the Spokane Advertising Club.

A concrete statue was erected in 1979 and not long after an Eagle scout requested he be able to install a totem pole next to the statue. Through the years the statue began to crumble and vandals started removing the fingers.

By 2008 the statue was removed amid considerable controversy. According to the Spokesman Review, "In the process of was reduced to rubble." In 2011 the Gathering Place monument was built to honor Chief Spokan Garry by the Spokane Tribe.


The Gathering Place
Images courtesy of the Northwest Room, Spokane Public Library, Spokane, WA and Tony and Suzanne Bamonte, Spokane, WA, and images taken by Tracy L. Rebstock
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