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Spokane Park Highlights

10 Locations ~ Curated by The Spokane Historical Team
From its earliest decades, Spokane has been a town of parks and recreational opportunities. This tour will you show you some of the highlights, including Manito Park, Cliff Park, High Drive, High Bridge, Couer D'Alene Park, and Riverside State…

Fort George Wright

7 Locations ~ Curated by Lee Nilsson
A tour of historic Fort George Wright in Spokane, Washington.

Browne's Addition

14 Locations ~ Curated by Zachary Wnek
Browne's Addition was Spokane's first neighborhood. For decades this neighborhood was an enclave for the city's elite residents. This tour begins and ends at the MAC. This tour is slightly less than 1.5 miles and highlights historic…

Ghost Signs of Spokane

17 Locations ~ Curated by Frank Oesterheld, Anna Harbine, Caitlin Shain, and Erin Pulley
The Ghost Signs tour is a student-led project that cataloged the signs painted on the sides of the downtown buildings. In addition to this digital tour, students created a walking tour complete with a pamphlet.

Fort Spokane

20 Locations ~ Curated by The Lake Roosevelt Partnership
Fort Spokane feature layers of fascinating and often heart-breaking history. The site, now administered by the National Park Service and Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, began life as the last Army Fort built on the American frontier. It…

Expo 74 and Riverfront Park

16 Locations ~ Curated by Cory Carpenter, Clayton Hanson, Tracy L. Rebstock, Lacey Sipos, Lee Nilsson, and Jesse Roberts.
Welcome to Riverfront Park, a beautiful stretch of land and river located in downtown Spokane. This hundred acre park sprawls across two islands and both shorelines, providing visitors with breathtaking views of both upper and lower Spokane Falls.…

Taming the Mighty Columbia

22 Locations ~ Curated by The Lake Roosevelt Partnership
The Columbia River, was a lifeway for Indian Tribes, a pathway for white explorers, a highway for steamboats and barges, and today a source of irrigation, hydropower, and recreation. What was once a wild and awe-inspiring force of nature, with rapids…

MAC 100 Stories: A Centennial Exhibition

15 Locations ~ Curated by The Spokane Historical Team
MAC 100 Stories: A Centennial Exhibition is told on the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture campus in Spokane's Browne's Addition, with additional highlights at 15 sites in Spokane and eastern Washington. The exhibit experience (February 22,…

The Palouse

16 Locations ~ Curated by Robert M. Lambeth
As one of the Northwest's most important agricultural regions, the Palouse today represents the economic and cultural beginnings of Eastern Washington. The Palouse is not only full of historical significance, but it is also full of great…

Spokane Fire Department

18 Locations ~ Curated by Caitlin M. Shain
The Spokane Fire Department has a rich history dating back to 1884, when the city was known as Spokane Falls. Over the years, the fire department has developed from a volunteer-only to professional organization serving the vast needs of the City of…

Manito Park

14 Locations ~ Curated by Tracy Rebstock
A tour of one of Spokane's most iconic parks, Manito Park.

East Central Neighborhood

16 Locations ~ Curated by Spokane Regional Health District & Frank Oesterheld
Sponsored by the Spokane Regional Health District, this oral history project documents the devastating effects of the construction of the I-90 freeway on the East Central neighborhood.

Japanese Americans of Spokane

9 Locations ~ Curated by Anna Harbine
Japanese-Americans have a long history in Spokane. From their arrival with the railroad to their struggles in WWII, the city contains many remnants reminding us of our strong ties with the Japanese-American community. Here you will find a tour…

Historical Sites of North Idaho

20 Locations ~ Curated by Mary Garrison
Did you know Idaho has its own submarine base? Have you ever harvested ice from a lake? Did you know a kiln was an oven to cook limestone in before it was used to create concrete? Would you like to spend a night in the sky? Have you ever watched a…


11 Locations ~ Curated by Allie Honican
Hillyard is a community in Spokane that is very proud of its heritage. In 1892, this area began as a separate town northeast of Spokane where James J. Hill chose the location outside the city limits specifically to avoid municipal taxation. The…

Spokane Reacts

13 Locations ~ Curated by The Students of EWU in Collaboration with the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture
No city is an island. The major historical events of 20th-century America all had their influences on Spokane. The exhibits in this tour were created by the students in Dr. Larry Cebula's class, Introduction to Public History, taught at…

Spokane in World War Two

22 Locations ~ Curated by Devrick Barnett and the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture
World War Two was pivotal for Spokane and the Inland Northwest. The U.S. Military viewed the region as strategically valuable, so existing military facilities, including Fort George Wright and Felts Field were expanded. Thousands of American soldiers…

Discriminatory Housing in Spokane

7 Locations ~ Curated by The EWU Students in History 451: Digital Humanities, Fall 2022
In Spokane as in the rest of the United States, structural racism has taken many forms. Among the most consequential has been segregated housing. Restricting racial minorities to certain "redlined" neighborhoods served to prevent the targeted groups…