Stadacona Circle

Today a part of Grant Park, Stadacona Circle was one of the earliest parks in Spokane. Once located on Eleventh Avenue between Ivory and Arthur Streets, this small 1.3 acre park was donated to the City of Spokane by the Citizens' National Bank and Fred and Ella Grinnell in 1905.

The Olmsted report recommended, "the shape of this little park being symmetrical, its design should be a formal one. In the center there may be a little summer house, with high backed benches...there might be rows of ornamental shrubs, small flowering trees, and flower beds."

For years this small park was neglected and neighbors regularly complained about the lack of maintenance in the tiny park causing dust and dandelion problems in their yards. Neighbors also requested trees be removed from the park so grass could grow.

In the 1970s, Stadacona Circle was added to Grant Park as part of the I-90 Corridor park expansion to assist with the loss of Liberty Park and its relocation.



Working at Stadacona
Audio courtesy of Ed Ellefsen, former park employee, oral interview April 4, 2012.
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