20th Street Entrance

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The main entrance to Manito Park is now at 18th and Grand, but in earlier years the entrance was at 20th and Grand. While today the area is green with grass and shaded by a few trees, in the first years of the twentieth century the "See Spokane Shine" archway made of hedge and flowers greeted visitors.

Go stand at the corner of 20th and Grand, look into the park, and imagine what it would have looked like then. There would be a graveled walk, a couple of street lights, and you would see the Balzer's house in the distance. There would be landscaping with flowers and you may even see a few people sprinkled along the sides of the path eating their picnic lunches.


20th Street Entrance
Images from the Tony and Suzanne Bamonte collection, Spokane, Wa, the Postcard Collection at the Northwest Room, Spokane Public Library, Spokane WA, the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department, City Hall, Spokane, WA, and from the See Spokane Shine...
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