Cheney Normal School Heritage Center

The Cheney Normal School Heritage Center was originally located in the woods five miles west of Newport, Washington. It opened in 1905 as the Jore (pronounced "jury") Schoolhouse. It served as the school for all the children, grades 1-8, in the surrounding area. Boys and girls would enter the school through separate doors. Due to the long distance some students had to travel, it was also equipped with a horse stable.

The Jore Schoolhouse closed in 1929. It sat abandoned for 71 years, slowly decaying. It was rediscovered in 2000 by Charles Miller, an education professor at EWU. He arranged for it to be transported 50 miles to Eastern's campus. Renovation on the building was complete by 2004.

Today, the old schoolhouse stands as a tribute to Eastern's history as a teacher's college. It also houses artifacts related to one-room school education and seminars on the history of education in the Pacific Northwest.



History of Jore Schoolhouse
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