Pearce Hall

Pearce Hall was built in 1964 as a male dormitory. Currently the largest residence hall on campus, Peace Hall consists of 12 floors, 7 coed and 4 gender specific floors, as well as a main lobby with a game room and office. It is one of two circular residential halls and is in close proximity to the central campus.

Pearce Hall is named after the very popular George H. "Doc" Pearce. Pearce was hired to work at the university in 1912 as a custodian and worked until his retirement in 1947. He retired with the title of Superintendent of Buildings and was well know around campus as a friend and avid school supporter. "Doc", as he was affectionately nicknamed by a student columnist, was at every sporting event the school had and even led most pep rallies while he was at Eastern. The Cheney Free Press said, "Doc could promote more pep and enthusiasm than any dozen cheerleaders." Even though Pearce was not an actual teacher, he was entrusted to teach classes on marriage, or Fussology 101, to incoming freshman. The only requirement to get into this class would be a brief conversation with someone of the opposite sex and the cost was the price of a marriage license. His class taught students how to hold hands, hug, kiss, making eyes and other important relationship actions.

After his retirement in 1947, Doc slowed down his involvement at the university and went to his last pep rally in 1955. He lived in a small house by himself on F Street. His personal statement still rings true to residents who live in George Pearce Hall, "Yesterday is but a dream- tomorrow is only a vision. But today, well lived, makes every yesterday and dream of happiness..."

Many things have happened in Pearce since it was built. In 1968, the Liverpool 5 performed for the residents. Pearce has also housed the National Football League's Seattle Seahawks in 2005. As they started their summer training camp, all 93 players stayed in Pearce Hall and demanded the school install air conditioners in all the rooms. Sadly, the air conditioners have since been removed. There is also an old-wives-tail that says if a resident of Pearce touches the picture of George Pearce, there will be a fire alarm that night.


Doc Pearce given plaque
Audio credit to The Journal, 21 January 1951. Available [Print]. Eastern Washington University Special Collections. Pictures courtesy of the the Pearce Hall Facebook, Pearce Hall folder in EWU Archives and Special Collections, and the private...
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