Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

Browne's Addition Tour

This stop is brought to you by the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture.

The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture is the premier museum of the Inland North West. The organization began as the Spokane Historical Society in 1916. In 1918 the society changed their name to the Eastern Washington State Historical Society.   The most notable donation to this society was when Helen Campbell donated her childhood home in 1924. The House became the first museum, hosting a rock and mineral display, native objects, and historic items from pioneer days.

In 1960 a new building, the Cheney Cowles Memorial Museum was dedicated and opened to the public, creating a larger exhibition hall for the Eastern Washington Historical Society.   

In 2001 the museum expanded again renovating the Cheney Cowles building and built a new addition. The Eastern Washington Historical Society changed their name at this time to the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. It was also at this time that the museum became a Smithsonian Institute Affiliate organization.

The new expansion allowed for more exhibit space in a new building, as well as meeting rooms for events. The Museum also allowed for an archival reading room in the Cheney Cowles museum and an interior auditorium and an amphitheater for presentations on nice days. These buildings and renovations allow the museum to serve a larger audience.

The MAC collects and exhibits Inland North West historical artifacts, American Indian objects and regional art. The MAC provides a rotating series of exhibits, activities and educational events. The MAC also operates The Joel E. Ferris Research Library and Archives to house all of its collections. The MAC is one of the keystones of cultural activity in Spokane, you can help support the MAC by becoming a member at a variety of different levels. Please go inside and inquire about how you can help.