James Clark Mansion

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The James Clark Mansion is a private residence. Please observe the residents privacy by observing this historic property from the sidewalk.

The James Clark mansion is located at 2308 W 3rd Avenue and was built in 1896 and designed by Albert Held. The mansion was constructed in the "Georgian Revival," style. James Clark was the brother of Patrick Clark, whose mansion lies across Coeur d'Alene Park. James Clark was a miner throughout various mines in the West until moving to Idaho to become involved in mine management. James Clark became the superintendent of the quite prosperous War Eagle mine in British Columbia, Canada.

James Clark only lived in the mansion until August 8th 1901 when he died at 53 years of age from cancer of the stomach. His wife, Charlotte, remained living in the mansion until 1920.

This mansion is an example of a large house that has been converted to apartment units. In 1921 the house was converted for use as the Isabella Club, an affordable home for young ladies. Currently the New Horizon Care Center Inc. as the Isabella House, which helps women who are pregnant or have children and are struggling with alcohol and other addictions. Adaptive re-use of historic buildings in Browne's Addition is not a new phenomenon. Beginning in the middle of the 20th Century it became common for large mansions to be divided into apartments in order to fill the need for apartment living, which was close to the downtown core.



Voice and research Courtesy of Zachary Wnek.
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