Hill Brothers Building

Originally, the building in front of you was a wood frame structure that was occupied by a saloon and gaming hall. The saloon, along with almost all its neighbors, was destroyed by the fire of 1889. The huge fire of 1889 brought modern technology to the city like new fire retardant building materials and load bearing reinforced concrete walls. This building was built in 1890 and remains one of Spokane's oldest Commercial Style structures. The storefront, for the most part, looks exactly like it did upon completion. Canvas awnings that were added later to shade the merchandise bays are really the only cosmetic difference. Inside the Hill Brothers Building you will find 20 foot ceiling, an interior light well, and a mezzanine that distinguishes the first and second floors.

The property was purchased in 1909 for $100,000 by a mining engineer. In 1912, that same investor, William Linney, rented the building to Jacob Hill. After Hill retired in 1930, the store was occupied by various shoe and clothing stores. The building was then occupied by a number of different purposes including a law firm and a "rave." In 2000, Spokane businessmen Jack White and Bob Runkle bought the building and quickly completed a rehabilitation of the commercial block. The businessmen hired Spokane contractor S. G. Morin and Son, Inc. and Texan architect Joseph Herrin to complete their vision.



The Mining Industry
An excerpt from an interview with local historian, Jim Price
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