The Blossoms of Spokane's Fruit

This unassuming building is a reminder of Spokane's important early history as the center of a fruit-growing region, and also of the many brick warehouses that once dominated the eastern edge of the city.

In the late-19th century and early-20th century, fruit and produce became important resources in terms of Spokane's development. Agriculture grew and extended in Spokane Valley and rural areas of the county. One way Spokane showed appreciation of their fruits began by hosting fruit fairs, including the annual Apple Exhibition. With the rise of regional agriculture, Spokane established fruit warehouses specifically located by the railroads near Pines and Riverside. The Fruit & Produce Co. became one of the quintessential warehouses during the late 1940s.

The warehouse was built in 1928 and named Ryan Fruit Co. Warehouse. By 1948 the warehouse was enlarged and underwent new ownership changing the name to Pacific Fruit & Produce Co.

Spokane held its first fruit fair on October 24, 1894 organized by Herbert Bolster. The fair took place in a unoccupied agriculture warehouse on east Riverside Ave. The fair displayed the products of Spokane's fruits of the farms. From there, fruits and its fairs grew that the Union Pacific "carried Spokane's first load of apples to eastern markets."

In September 28, 1909 President Taft visited Spokane and the Apple National Show. The President was served for lunch at the Davenport Hotel which decorated the area with apples and all kinds of fruits. The President's visit helped spread Spokane's reputation and identity as an agriculturalist and developing city.