Deep Creek School

The Deep Creek school was built in 1905, to replace an earlier, one-room schoolhouse that stood at the same spot.

The town of Deep Creek was founded in 1883 as Deep Creek Falls. An 1889 guide for immigrants touted the "exceedingly rich agricultural country" in the area and the town prospered. Among its earliest settlers was Joel Warren, who later became Spokane's first police chief. In 1894 the town name was shortened to Deep Creek. At its height the community boasted a store, a mill, several churches, and this fine school with over 100 students.

By the early 20th century, however, many rural communities of eastern Washington were fading fast. Increased mechanization and lower prices for crops caused a steep population drop in the 1910s and 20s, and for many small towns the Great Depression was the final blow. So it was for Deep Creek, which disincorporated as a town in 1939. This school closed in 1944.

Today this school and the nearby church are maintained as private residences. Please respect the privacy of those who live there.