The Pietsch House

the Pietsch house, built in 1891 by Franz Pietsch, a German bricklayer, has been one of Peaceful Valley's most adored and unique houses. The house features a unique Italian bricklaying method uncommon in Spokane during the early 1900s, and is the oldest single-family residence in Peaceful Valley.

Franz Pietsch lived in the home until his death in 1913, after which various members of the Pietsch family occupied it until 1929. From 1929 until 1960 the house sat vacant and deteriorated badly. By 1997, after over three decades of fighting in Probate court, the Pietsch was added to the historic register and became the object of restoration efforts. By Mothers' Day, 2003, new owners had revived the old house and were holding tours.

The Pietsch House demonstrates that Peaceful Valley was home to talented individuals who left their creative mark both on this neighborhood and on Spokane as a whole.



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