Glover Field

The city of Spokane purchased land in Peaceful Valley to build an athletic stadium in 1912. The Stadium boasted a six-lane running track and bleachers that could hold 10,000 spectators. The Stadium was used by local high schools for track meets and football games. It was also housed fairs, shows and carnivals.

On October 31, 1917 the field was renamed and dedicated to James N. Glover, a founding father of the city of Spokane. A granite monument was dedicated that day and still stands in front of the Community Center.

In 1925 the bleachers were condemned. In 1937 the bleachers were dismantled because they had fallen into disrepair. The high schools purchased their own stadiums and no longer had use for Glover Field.

Today the field is mainly used by the Community Center for outdoor activities.



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