Pillars of Hercules

The impressive Herculean Pillars standing before you mark the formal entrance to Eastern Washington University. Built in 1915, the pillars were constructed out of salvaged granite from the administration hall which burned down in 1912, and was replaced by Showalter Hall. Built as a symbol of hope and renewal, these pillars have greeted thousands of students as they made their way up to campus from the train depot in downtown Cheney.

Marking the entrance of the university where College Avenue meets 5th Street, the Pillars of Hercules were the first thing a student would see upon reaching campus. Having walked uphill from downtown Cheney, students would be greeted by faculty and staff members on the walkway from the pillars to the college. This tradition garnered the pathway the name, "hello walk."

As more students arrived by car than train, the pillars became one of several entrances to the university. Although the university has grown and the access to campus has changed, the pillars remain as an important symbol for the school and its students.