Alexander F. MacLeod House

"Remembering advice: 'Go West , young man, and grow up with the country'. I packed my trunk, my sheepskin included, crossed the great divide and landed in Spangle in 1880." Dr. Alex MacLeod

Dr. Alexander F. MacLeod, a pioneering medical doctor of the Inland Northwest, built this home in 1902.

After completing medical school, MacLeod immigrated from Nova Scotia to Spangle, WA in 1880. He practiced medicine in Colfax and owned a drugstore in Farmington. MacLeod met and married Miss Addie Brink and they moved their family to Spokane in 1893. Building a comfortable home was a priority. Dr. MacLeod stated: “The territory covered by my practice extended for miles in every direction from town. It was a great thing to have a comfortable home when I returned from those long trips and find a wife to minister to my comfort.”

Dr. MacLeod eventually settled his practice in the Sherman Building in downtown Spokane. He was active in local and other various medical associations including the American Medical Association. Dr. MacLeod cared for patients in the Palouse for 47 years until his death in 1930. In 1920, Dr. MacLeod sold the house to St. Paul’s Methodist Church. Located directly across the street from the MacLeod house, it served as the parsonage from 1920-1945.

Walking around this West Central neighborhood, you will discover many of what were once large homes are now carved into apartments. After World War II, there was a housing shortage for returning veterans and their families. In order to supply the demand many large homes were bought and quickly converted into apartment buildings. The MacLeod house was no exception. In 1945, St. Paul’s Methodist Church sold the property and it was turned into five separate apartments and renamed the Wainwright Apartments.

The MacLeod house remained an apartment building for 55 years. In 2004 Dinah Le Carlson, a sculptor, and her daughter Suzette Carlson Nordstrom, an interior designer, purchased and renovated the property. Dedicated to restoring the MacLeod house, they converted the first and second floors for their businesses. The MacLeod house is currently the home of Lillian Conn Antiques & Interiors and the Carlson Gallery. In 2005 the MacLeod house was added to the Spokane Register of Historic Places which noted the home’s role in community development.



1001 W. Augusta Ave. Spokane, WA