Patterson Hall

In what could be called the latest chapter in the history of the college, Eastern Washington State College was awarded university status because of its expanding programs and became Eastern Washington University in 1977. In recent years the college is once again undergoing a period of expansion that can be seen right here.

The steel frame before you is part of Patterson Hall. Patterson Hall was built in two phases, the first in 1970 and the second in 1971. At the time of its completion is was one of the largest facilities on campus and provided much needed classroom and academic department space for the ever expanding college. However like many other campus buildings in the last 20 years it has found itself outpaced by Eastern's growth. Except for a downturn in student enrollment in the late 1990's Eastern Washington University's expansion has been continuous since the end of World War II.

In light of the need for increased student capacity (and modern facilities) the decision was made in 2009 to strip Patterson of everything but its steel frame and a portion of the back wall; and create an almost entirely new building. The new facility was completed in 2014 and is expected to meet the needs of a college that has seen another noticeable increase in student enrollment in the last fifteen years.



Patterson Hall Renovation
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