Batch Bakeshop

Local family owned businesses help create and define neighborhoods and in the early part of Spokane’s history small butcher shops, supply stores and dairies were a familiar sight. Built in 1905 and originally a family-owned butcher shop known as St. Paul’s Market, this store was one of the few commercial buildings in the mostly residential neighborhood of west central Spokane.

From 1910 to 1936 it was owned by Julius J. Danielson, and was notable for housing a neighborhood church in its basement as well as being a general meeting place for local community members. The Westminster Presbyterian Church was established in May 1905 by Dr. James H. Shields, (later becoming pastor,) and eventually moved to a location nearby on North Cannon street.
In 1936, the St Paul’s Market closed but the building continued to operate as a meat and grocery market until the 1960’s under the name The Dean Avenue Market. Although you cannot see them from the shop itself, the original meat hooks used in the butcher shop a hundred years ago are still visible in the residential portion of the store.

The building served other business over the years but had been largely neglected until 2006 when Brian Jennings and his wife decided to buy the old store and renovate. They looked to the community for ideas about what business would best serve the area and eventually settled on a bakery and catering business. Today the interior of the store has been completely renovated --Batch bakeshop continues the tradition of being a community hub and sells delicious baked goods and coffee as well as offering catered weddings and custom cakes. Stop by and ask about the rich history of the building.