Dixon Hall

Home for the School of Education and Department of Psychology

Dixon Hall is a familiar building to all Whitworth students, both current and past. It was built as a classroom building and completed in 1957. Containing 18 classrooms, the building has supported the School of Education and the Department of Psychology. While known as simply "The Classroom building" during its construction, by the date of its dedication on March 22,on 1957, it was named after a former member of the board of trustees, Grant Dixon Sr.

Grant Dixon exercised great influence on Whitworth. Dixon gained notoriety and wealth in Spokane as a lumberman with Exchange Lumber Company. Dixon contributed financially to Whitworth many times served on the board of trustees from 1943 until he passed away in 1949. His wife Dorothy Dixon was just as influential in the history of Whitworth, and almost had a building constructed in her name as well. Dorothy Dixon graduated from Whitworth in 1923. After her husband's death, she was elected to the board of trustees to replace her husband as the first woman elected to the board.

In 2000 Dixon Hall was renovated and made to be more environmentally sound as well as one of the first classroom buildings to have all the classrooms situated "with a computer, overhead equipment, and a video projection screen," as well as motion sensor lights.