Whitworth University Fieldhouse: A House For Indoor Sports

Current home for the Pirates basketball and volleyball teams

The official announcement came in late July of 1961; Whitworth College was getting a fieldhouse. Dr. Frank F. Warren, president at the time, broke the exciting news to the college after a luncheon in which Mr. C. Davis Weyerhaeuser of Tacoma, WA, a trustee of the school, announced his intent to donate necessary funds for this new facility. C. Davis Weyerhaeuser was the grandson of the timber baron, Frederick Weyerhaeuser. When asked about his donation, Davis said, “I feel that Whitworth College has a unique opportunity of training Christian young people to be coaches and teachers in our schools.” The enthusiasm for this announcement was felt not only by members of the members of the college, but also by many throughout the Spokane community. When making the announcement Dr. Warren said, the Fieldhouse would also “be a great asset in developing and promoting athletics in the entire Spokane area… it could provide an opportunity for high school students in the Spokane area to carry on indoor track meets.”

Construction was finished on the Fieldhouse by October 1962, Davis Weyerhaeuser presented symbolic keys of the building to both Dr. Warren and the Mayor of Spokane, Neal R. Fosseen.

The community welcomed the addition of the new Fieldhouse with enthusiasm. As the years went by more elements were added which included a basketball facility, batting cages for baseball, a golf simulator and a dance studio.

During the past three decades, the men's basketball and women's volleyball teams have had remarkable success. The basketball team has won the conference championship fifteen times since 1990. In 1996, the men finished runner-up in the national championship for Division II of the NAIA. The volleyball team has won the conference championship ten times since 1990.