Hendrick Hall: Once a Home for Students, Now a Home for the International Programs

International House of Travel and Intercultural Center

Hendrick Hall, once a student dormitory, is now the Intercultural Student Center. What is now known as Hendrick Hall, in honor of Eileen “Mom” Hendrick, has experienced several changes throughout its day. Beginning as a dormitory, the building became a college print shop. In the early 1970’s the building went through another change and became the Student Life building which housed the offices of the Student Life staff.

Eileen Hendrick, or “Mom” as many referred to her as, spent 15 years at Whitworth as a resident counselor and an advisor for New Cosmopolitan Officers (a group especially made for foreign exchange students but open to all) along with taking on her title as “Mom” proudly as she spread God’s love to as many students as possible. Mom Hendrick was described as, “outgoing, lovable,” and “a dedicated Christian.” She took on her role as South Warren dormitory's housemother for years and provided great service to her community. Unfortunately, Eileen Hendrick passed away in 1979 and the building was renamed in her honor in 1980. She was a presence that was greatly missed around campus; after her passing, a scholarship was established in her memory.

Eileen Hendrick Hall currently houses the Intercultural Center and the International Education Center. This building provides a safe and welcoming gathering place for all students. A few times a year, the flags of international students’ home countries flank the side of the building. While the building may appear small, it is full of diversity and a helpful and caring staff that are living out the same values that Eileen “Mom” Hendrick had herself.