The Women of Greenwood Cemetery

By the late 1870s, Spokane was becoming a town, a real town. And every town needs its women to stitch the fine threads of social and community structure. Early Spokane women followed their men to settle the untamed West. On occasion, they came on their own. Greenwood cemetery is the resting place of many of Spokane's great women. Susan Glover, first wife of founding father James Glover. Jennie Cannon, pioneer wife of A.M. Cannon, founder of Greenwood. Mary Latham, first female doctor in the Washington Territory. Sonora Smart Dodd, The "Mother of Father's Day," who founded the national day of celebration in honor of her own pioneer father. Each of these graves can be found on the second level of Greenwood Memorial Terrace.



Susan Glover's Story
1st Wife of James Glover
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Mary Latham's Story
1st female doctor in Spokane.
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Jennie Cannon's Story
Wife of A. M. Cannon.
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