Spokane's Whites-Only Sperm Bank

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In the 1990s Spokane gained national attention for a whites-only sperm bank. Things did not go as planned, and the spank bank soon tanked.

In April of 1996, Spokane found itself in the national spotlight. "Sperm Bank Is For Whites Only -- Spokane Effort Reportedly Funded By Tycoon" blared a headline from the Associated Press. The story ran in newspapers across the country.

The whites-only sperm bank was funded by Floyd Kimball, a racist Ohio businessman. His work was part of a long history of eugenics in America. Beginning in the early 1900s, some wealthy white Americans began to worry about the future of the country. In their opinions, too many non-whites were having too many children. They embarked on various campaigns to support white supremacy.

Kimble's Foundation for the Continuity of Mankind, with its headquarters in Spokane, sought to collect and disseminate "sperm from high-achieving white men." to protect "racial purity" and the preservation of the white race. It would serve as a "repository for the future," according to Floyd's wife Doris, "in case the purity of mankind is wiped out by famine or disease." Another company employee explained that the sperm bank had been established in Spokane because of the region's "overwhelmingly white population."

A surviving profile of one donor provides an idea of the kind of "high-achieving white men" the Kimbles were looking for. "My genetics are almost half Swedish; some Scotch-Irish; some English; a bit of German; a small touch of Dutch." the 6'3" tall anonymous donor, with a graduate degree from the University of California at Berkely, reported. Kimble also reportedly asked the entire Norwegian Olympic team to donate their sperm--though none took him up on the offer.

The sperm bank received abundant publicity, some outraged and some mocking. Located in a former bank building, the "Night Depository" slot was a particular target for humor.

The effort was short-lived. By 1997 the sperm bank had shut down, and it is not clear if any woman was ever impregnated by the sperm collected by the FCM. Kimble also briefly partnered with the better-known Repository for Germinal Choice, Robert Graham's much-ridiculed project to collect sperm from Nobel laureates to improve the human race and slow the growth of non-white “retrograde humans."

Kimble died in 1998, and his family seemed uninterested in pursuing his eugenic dreams. What happened to the donated sperm is unclear, but its fate was likely similar to that of the Nobel sperm bank, whose end is described in David Plotz's book The Genius Factory:

"The frozen vials--once so precious that they had been double-locked and shielded by lead ... were dumped unceremoniously in red biowaste bags and driven off to the incinerator. Dr. Graham's dream began in ice and ended in fire."