Bing Crosby Student Center

During the 1950's, Gonzaga recognized the need of a good library, and Bing Crosby became a major supporter for their cause.

Crosby organized a television show called the Edsel Show in 1957, and the proceeds were to go towards the building. The Bing Crosby Edsel Show, presented some of the biggest stars of the day including Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and Bob Hope. Crosby would include references to Gonzaga in some of the skits presented on the show.

Bing donated $700,000 towards the construction of the new library,and the building was dedicated to the Crosby family on November 3, 1957.

The library is now called the Crosby Student Center and one room is dedicated to the memory and memorabilia of Bing Crosby. The Crosbyana Room, is a collection of all things Bing. Many of the items were donated by Crosby or Crosby collectors. The Crosbyana Room, is home to many of Bing's gold records, photographs, trophies, one of his pipes, and the Oscar he won for best actor in "Going My Way." There is also a nice collection of advertising memorabilia once associated with the star.

Bing Crosby, was one of the biggest stars of all time. "White Christmas," is still the number one selling single of all time, around the world. Bing is the third most popular actor, and his record sales and popularity were only equaled by Elvis and the Beatles.

The Crosbyana Room, Crosby Student Center, and The Crosby Alumni House, also located on the Gonzaga campus, continue to keep the legacy of Bing Crosby alive. A star and performer as great as Bing Crosby, should never be forgotten.



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