Baldwin-Jenkins: Where two separated dorms become one

The dorm filled with freshmen.

Baldwin-Jenkins is a dormitory for first-year students and is named in honor of two individuals who made a significant impact on Whitworth's history: Estella E. Baldwin and Marion R. Jenkins. Estella Baldwin served as registrar from 1935-1970, and Marion R. Jenkins served as Dean of Women from 1931-1963--the longest serving dean in college history.

Estella Baldwin was known throughout the student body for her great heart and strong sense of service. Prior to computerized data, the registrar in colleges like Whitworth touched the lives of every student in a more personal way.

Marion Jenkins served as the Dean of Women for 32 years at Whitworth College. Her role meant that she served as a counselor, house mother and leader of different religious and social activities. When she arrived in 1931, Whitworth was barely surviving with just over 100 students. When she retired in 1963, Whitworth had grown to nearly 1,000 students. She played a major role in the transition to a modern college during those thirty years.

Baldwin Jenkins was built in 1968 and and constructed in 1968 at a cost of $900,000. The dorm was designed by architects Carlson and James. It has capacity for 164 students: 84 in Jenkins and 80 in Baldwin.