Arend Hall: The dorm that is just a hop, skip, and jump away from the HUB

A dorm that honors one of Spokane's great leaders

Arend Hall was named after Albert Arend, who was a member of the Whitworth Board of Trustees beginning in 1925 and served as the chairman for the board from 1958 until 1972. He played a significant role in guiding Whitworth through some of its darkest times.

Construction on the building was completed in 1957, with the intent of housing 152 male students. Later, in 1962 the hall was expanded to hold 18 more men. Arend Hall is located right across from the Hixon Union Building (The HUB).

Albert Arend was born in Spokane on June 5, 1900 and died in 1984. Growing up in Spokane, Arend graduated from North Central High School and served in the United States Army during the First World War. He came back to Spokane and went to the Northwestern Business College for his family had developed a meat business that proved to be successful in the greater Spokane area.

But soon he took a keen interest in Whitworth College most likely because of its mission as a Presbyterian institution. He was asked to join the board of trustees at the young age of 25, and he came on the board at one of its most difficult times—we were graduating only a handful of students and many predicted that the college would fold. There were only 13 faculty and two buildings) But Albert Arend believed in the college and played a key role in Whitworth’s survival and during the Great Depression of the 1930s; he contributed many of his own funds in order to meet the faculty payroll during those difficult years when students often paid tuition in produce, applesauce, and in one student’s case, peanut butter.

Arend was extremely active in Spokane's civic life. Perhaps his most notable accomplishment came with his role in the organization of the Union Gospel Mission in 1951. He also played a major role in the YMCA.

Whitworth was indeed fortunate to benefit from the leadership and philanthropy of Albert Arend.