Corbin and Moore-Turner Heritage Gardens

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Pioneer Park is comprised of the two residences which occupied the premises. One property, which was owned by D. C. Corbin, featured gardens, both for flowers and food, as well as a small play castle for children. One story that visiting children were told was how avid hunter President Theodore Roosevelt had successfully shot a buffalo from a spot on the hill just behind the castle when he visited Spokane.

While this story isn't true, it is true that Teddy Roosevelt did visit Spokane. He was, in fact, a friend of Senator George Turner, who lived next door to Corbin. Turner bought the property after it's original owner, Frank Rockwood Moore, died. Turner expanded the existing hillside garden, and added much to it, making it a popular spot for Spokane's high society social functions.

The Heritage Gardens at Pioneer Park were originally acquired by Spokane Parks and Recreation in 1945. Although the Corbin House and some of the grounds around it were maintained, the majority of the flowers, fruit trees, buildings, and water features which were once found on the grounds were lost to memory and time. The Gardens were rediscovered in the mid 1990's, and public interest led to them being restored and opened to the public.


Corbin and Moore-Turner Heritage Gardens
by Ian Reeves
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